How Code Or Macro Can I Use To Substitute Text To Column

Hello Fans.

Currently I have Many Raw Data as an example below to section out.

What's beautiful, all the following data are similar:

Here is an example in row "1", in column "A" only :

0: {c: 9, close: 9, yield: null, referenceDate: null, date: "1997-03-01T00:00:00", …}

In this Case: How can I Keep the values of The following:

9 1997-03-01

I have multiple data similar like above. The comparison with the others are, values and dates.

What is the effective way to get the data?

Or what code can I use? How do you want me to proceed?

Thanks in advance


Please attach a small file at your request.


Hello Jean-Eric,

Thank you for your swift response.

Please view the sample file below.

Please note: the raw data is on cell "A1" and

The extracted data example is on cell "N" and cell "O"

There are many excel workbook I need to extract data.

How can I create a universal code to extract each one.

Thanks in advance. Greatly appreciated.

5book3.xlsx (24.09 Ko)


A Power Query proposal to study.


10book3.xlsx (41.56 Ko)


I love you, I love you, I love you...

Thank very much.

Much thanks to you and your patience, working with me especially with my English language.

You should become my excel teacher.

Greatly appreciated

Thank you again. God Bless You.

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